Jon Slaga – Volunteer Spotlight

Jon Slaga – Volunteer Spotlightjon slaga

Our Volunteer Spotlight is on Jon Slaga who is married to his wonderful wife, Bridget. Not to mention two fantastic kids, Emma and Cassidy. He is a warehouse manager in Omaha, Nebraska. If Jon is not hunting you can probably find him shooting his bow or golfing. Additionally, he is a certified Hunter Education Instructor for both the Firearm and Archery courses.

How Did He Get Involved With the BGCA?

Jon was contacted through social media by the now Association President – Chris Edwards. Chris detailed what they wanted to do for conservation in the State of Nebraska and Jon liked what he heard. He went to a meeting and has never looked back.

Best Piece of Hunting Advice Ever Received

Jon wasn’t really able to think of one other than to just have fun and enjoy the time spent outdoors.

What Is Your Dream Hunt?

Without a doubt, it’s a New Zealand red stag hunt with his bow.

What Would Your Super Power Be?

That every animal he wants to harvest would just come to him.

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