Volunteer Spotlight – Marty Weverka

Volunteer Spotlight – Marty Weverka

volunteer spotlightOur volunteer spotlight is on Marty Weverka who has been a retail store leader for about 20 years. Not to mention, he has been married for 15 years. Him and his wife, Jaime, have 3 kids; Henry,  Allison, and Thomas. As Cub Master and Den Leader for Henry’s Cub Scout Pack a lot of his free time is tied up.

In addition, Marty enjoys gardening with his kids. They specialize in tomatoes, peppers and garlic. From start to finish, they raise them from seed and enter them into the county fair.

Of course, they enjoy camping as a family. The place they enjoy most is the Grand Teton and Yellowstone areas.

Late Arrival To The Hunting World

volunteer spotlight

Marty’s son, Henry, with his first deer during the 2017 rifle season.

One fact most people don’t know about Marty is that he didn’t grow up hunting. That passion began about 22 years ago when his Uncle Tom asked him to go rifle deer hunting. Marty was hooked and has never missed a season since. He is not limited to deer hunting but also enjoys waterfowl and turkey hunting every year. Like all of us he is a kid in a candy store for opening day. In fact, Marty gets more enjoyment taking his oldest child out on these adventures. These trips have more meaning than any harvest he has had.

How did Marty get involved with the Big Game Conservation Association? He was unhappy with our funds leaving Nebraska. A few of us who were part of another organization said we could do this. So that’s what we did, and more money and time is staying here in Nebraska. This is all about improving habitat and getting more people involved in the sport.

Best Piece of Hunting Advice Ever Received

This would have been from his Uncle. Be patient and keep your eyes open!

What is Your Dream Hunt?

Alaskan Moose

What Would Your Superpower be?

Marty would like to have a the ability to time travel.

Learn more about getting involved with the Big Game Conservation Association.

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