Teach Children to Hunt

Teach Children to Hunt & Help Save Our Heritage

The outdoor industry promotes outreach especially to our youth and next generations. As hunters, we accept our knowledge and outdoor skills to be beneficial. Others may have no concept therefore they are not able to accept what we want to share. If you have never experienced a beautiful sunrise from a blind or watching geese glide to a landing on the water as the sun sets it’s something hard to imagine. Can you verbalize why teaching outdoor skills like hunting are important to a 12 year old or 18 year old? Here are some reasons why we teach children to hunt.

Gun Safety

teach childrenKnowing how to safely shoot and handle firearms is an essential skill for people to learn. I was taught as a child and these skills have followed me into adulthood keeping me safe. Teaching children to hunt teaches them to respect guns and not fear them.


Hunting teaches respect. Respect for the land, law and others. It’s about being ethical at all times and building character that will follow them through life. Teaching outdoor etiquette and sportsmanship will make them good students and engaged young people.

Building Confidence

Learning about game, their patterns and habitats increases knowledge. When you add safety, shooting skills and preparedness then applying this builds confidence. The hard work and determination needed to apply this empowers them with their hunting skills and turning into life skills they can use everyday everywhere.

Hands-On Conservation

It’s what we do! Teaching a young person the circle of life and how mother nature works is critical. Hunters must be conservationist if we want to preserve our lifestyle and future.

Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle

What we do is not for the faint at heart. Getting on the game trail gets the young off the couch and disconnecting with our always connected world. The physical aspect of hiking and packing in cold and sometimes wet elements teaches our children they can overcome obstacles also.

Bonding Time

teach childrenWhether it’s a family member child or neighbors child you are creating memories and traditions for them. The attachment and mutual respect that come from hunting build relationships and create a new world of opportunities for both.

The numbers of hunters is dropping dramatically. If this decline continues at it’s current pace, the future of our hunting heritage and wildlife conservation will end as we know it. I encourage you to introduce someone new to the outdoors this year!

Happy Hunting,
John Connell
BGCA Treasurer

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