Game Time

Game Time Is Here For Hunting Seasons

The smell is in the air, yes that is fall right around the corner. It’s the time of year that all sportsmen and women look forward to each year. IT IS GAME TIME. You must love this time of year no matter what your favorite game is to chase. For me, the fall represents the what and why that drives my passions to be outdoors with family and friends. The excitement is like the night before Christmas for me and my fellow hunters and huntresses. It is time to put into action the countless hours of thought, review, prep and yes dreaming.

Game Planning Strategies With Key Players

game timeWell it is the same for the staff of the NSF, IT IS GAME TIME. We spend the summer months traveling to most reaches of the state to visit all our partners. During this time we discuss past issues, new issues and concerns or desires to guide our direction in protecting our rights and traditions. In addition, we meet with our state agency partners. We share the thoughts of the sportsmen and women, gauge their direction and thoughts and put our game plan together for the upcoming legislative session to make the right steps for victory.  Finally, we sit down with our State Senators and staff for input on the reality of the how and why. Whether it is on any desired new legislation we would introduce or game plan on what negative legislation we think or know will be introduced.

One major key is to find the right senators to work with when then the bill drafting starts. I have always related that bill drafting efforts are just like the many hours of stand or blind time. Or the endless walks with no results. It is work and it can be depressing to put so much effort in and go home skunked.  However, all hunters know you must put the time in. Whether it’s that perfect day on the water or that buck you have been waiting for finally walks into range. You must do the work to arrive at the goal. Of course, bill drafting takes many hours of hard work by many people to have that one moment in time be perfect.  IT IS GAME TIME!

Headed In With A Plan For Success

We will be finishing the fall drafting bills and researching the goals for the 2019 session. The NSF wants to go into the 2019 session with a plan for success. Yes, we will also be afield living our passions and traditions. We ask all of you to not be shy. Help us to help you by reaching out and letting us know what matters to you.  We wish all of you a successful fall season(s)! As always, remember to take someone new at least once this year. If we do not pass on our traditions they will only be memories.  ENJOY GAME TIME!!!

Article by:
Scott Smathers
Executive Director – Nebraska Sportsmen’s Foundation
Board Member – Big Game Conservation Association

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