Brian Barry

Our Volunteer Spotlight is on Brian Barry who is 31 years old. Born and raised in Omaha, he is a lifelong Husker fan and University of Nebraska – Lincoln Alum.  Now he owns an Allstate Agency in the area.  Brian loves all outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing, but fishing is his favorite activity.

Brian Barry

How Did He Get Involved With the BGCA?

Brian was introduced to the BGCA by volunteer and friend Thomas Bouche. He would see him at hunting expos or even just walking around at Cabela’s and Bass Pro. So Thomas invited him to come to the Howells banquet. That’s all it took! After that, Brian hopped on board and started attending all the events that he could! He has been a volunteer for about 5 or 6 years now.

Best Piece of Hunting Advice Ever Received

The one thing Brian was told that has stuck with him over time and something he feels is true. “If you position yourself where the animals already want to be then you don’t need to be the best caller or have all the exact camo and gear. They go where they want to and you just have to not screw it up”. 

What is Your Dream Hunt?

Brian’s dream hunt would be an Alaskan Moose hunt. He’s never been to Alaska but he’s seen all the videos. Being in one of the most remote properties you can get to would be surreal. Of course, it’s something he definitely wants to experience!

brian barry

What Would Your Super Power Be?

Super power…Brian’s not sure if this would be a super power but he would love the ability to teleport! Get anywhere he wants to go at anytime without having to travel and hassle with all of that!

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