John Filsinger

Our Volunteer Spotlight is on John Filsinger who is a 37 year old father of two girls. He has been happily married for 10 years. John grew up in Norfolk and moved to Lincoln in 2008. His passion for hunting started at about age 6. Like most of us, he started hunting rabbits and upland birds. It wasn’t until age 12 that he shot his first deer with a rifle.

At age 14, John started bowhunting and took a buck and doe that year. Ultimately, he started shooting competitive archery at age 16 and it took him all across the United States. Because of this he shot on some big stages and including one world championship. Since then he has harvested many whitetail, turkeys, bear, elk, exotics and small game with his bow.

Competitor, Mentor and Coach

A few years ago, John got involved with coaching and teaching archery lessons through Prairie Bowmen Archery Club. There he ran a youth program for almost 4 years. Not to mention he helps coach a National Archery in the Schools Program at a local school in Lincoln. One of the most rewarding things he has done is help grow the sport of archery.

Of course, John joined the Big Game Conservation Association 3 years ago. Since then he has spent time as the Lincoln Branch Secretary and is now the Vice President.

How Did John Filsinger Get Involved With the BGCA?

John saw an ad for the Lincoln Branch banquet on Facebook.  After having a fun time at the event, he talked with Jeremy Schaaf, the Branch President. That was it, he attended his first board meeting! After attending meetings for a year he eventually stepped into the Secretary position. Now he serves as the Lincoln Branch Vice President.

Best Piece of Hunting Advice Ever Received

The best piece of hunting advice John has been given is to always have fun. Do not focus on the kill but on the memories made. Not to mention, always try to leave the outdoors better then you found it.

What is Your Dream Hunt?

John’s dream hunt would have to be an archery hunt for either a coastal brown bear on Kodiak Island or Alaska.  He said there is just something about the allure of hunting the biggest meanest land mammal in North America. Hunting one of these beasts with his bow has drawn him in and has been the center of many day dreams for years.

What Would Your Super Power Be?

If John had one super power it would have to be invisibility. As hunters, we spend most of our time in the field trying to blend in and disappear. Bowhunting is about being undetectable and getting close to what you are hunting. So having invisibility as a super power would make this so much easier.

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