Strong Opinion

Strong Opinion

How many times have you read or heard something and had a strong opinion of it? Did you just have a strong opinion in your head? Did you sit down and give your opinion from your keyboard without any real life experience to back up your opinion?

strong opinion
John Connell working the cashier’s station at one of our banquets.

There are so many keyboard warriors out there that have a personal opinion about so many topics. Most have never put any action behind their words and it’s just their opinion. Keyboard warriors. They seem to be everywhere these days: on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Passion for Conservation

Yes, we all are passionate about certain things. If you’re reading this you are probably passionate about conservation. I know I am and I’m proud to put my actions into words from personal experience. Before joining the Big Game Conservation Association I had an opinion about everything conservation and hunting. That’s all it was, my opinion. I joined the BGCA seven years ago and realized my passion for conservation was misled by my opinion. Joining the BGCA opened my eyes to how vast and complicated  conservation really is.

We all can do our personal due to conservation as an individual (which I do) but you can do so much more with a team. The BGCA helps with organizing events, sponsoring events, networking with other organizations, mentoring youth, hands on in the field creating food plots, and fundraising plus many more things. Now my opinion is based on experience and when I sit down to express it I have actions to back it up.

I would encourage you to join the BGCA by becoming an active member and help protect Nebraska’s wildlife. This is a true and worthy call to action. 

Article by John Connell – Big Game Conservation Association Treasurer

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