R3 Task Force

The Nebraska R3 Task Force is a group of agency, industry, and non-government organizations. For the purpose of gathering on a quarterly basis to help drive recruitment, retention, and reactivation (R3) efforts for hunting and shootings sports in Nebraska. With direction from the National Hunting and Shooting Sports Action Plan, the task force is focusing on four specific threats. These threats relate to hunting and shooting sports, as they approach R3 in Nebraska. The focuses being:

  • Instructors, Coaches, and Mentors or lack thereof
  • Convenient, Quality Place to Hunt or lack thereof
  • Individual Process Connectivity or lack thereof
  • Lack of a Supported R3 Community

The task force has several projects that are nearing their completion stages. Of course they will have benefits to the many hunters and shooters in state, that are helping to recruit, retain, and reactivate new hunters or shooters.  Check out our great projects:

  • Central R3 Website

    • r3 task forceA website has been designed to create a place for new hunters and shooters to learn how to get involved in their new found interest. LearntoHuntNebraska.org, provides a place for those with limited knowledge in hunting and shooting sports to learn about mentor events, how to plan a hunt, shooting sports facilities, conservation organizations and much more. It also provides a space for mentors like yourself to learn about new mentoring tips, community groups, and events. For the purpose of introducing new participants to the outdoors.
  • Participant Registration and Communication System

    • Do you host an R3 event each year? Maybe a mentored hunt, learn to hunt workshop, or processing clinic? If so, the National Wild Turkey Federation and Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has partnered with a company by the name of Kalkomey. This organization has created an online registration system that will allow participants to register online for events.  It will also allow the event planner to communicate with those registered both before and after the event, as well as send pre and post event evaluations.  If you are interested in using this online registration system, please reach out to Micaela Rahe.
  • Standard Evaluation Tools

    • Many organizations in Nebraska host R3 events statewide. These events teach both youth and adults hunting, shooting and outdoor skills.  One very critical step in teaching is evaluation.  As we all partner together to recruit, retain, and reactivate hunters and shooters, we need to make sure we are evaluating our events, so that we know they are having the desired outcomes.  The task force has worked together to create a common set of evaluation questions, which are asked both before and after events.  To incorporate evaluation as part of your event, contact Micaela Rahe.

r3 task forceFinally, can you imagine a hunting and shooting sports community where each current participant shared their passion for the outdoors with their friends and family? As a task force, we want to inspire our current hunters and shooters to take out a family or friend.  So, as you prepare for your spring hunting pursuits, make sure to invite someone new along with you!


Happy Hunting,

Micaela Rahe
Nebraska R3 Coordinator
National Wild Turkey Federation

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