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Elk Depredation Tag

elk depredation tag

Nebraska Sportsmen’s Foundation (NSF) members, partners and fellow sportsmen thank you all for your inquiries, concerns and suggestions regarding the Nebraska Game & Parks (NGP) action on issuing an elk depredation tag for western Nebraska on September 27, 2019. The

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Venison Andouille

venison andouille

Venison Andouille Red Beans and Rice After deer season, I usually make a 25-pound batch of venison andouille sausage from my deer. Of course, I use a mix from Frisco Spices.  It goes into bologna tubes for smoking and then

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Slow Cooker Elk Roast

slow cooker elk roast

Today’s new recipe is Slow Cooker Elk Roast and gravy over mashed potatoes. I sliced the potatoes and cooked them with the elk, then pulled them out and mashed them. Elk gravy over all of it. Served with green beans

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Encroachment of Eastern Red Cedar Trees

encroachment of eastern red cedar trees

Encroachment of Eastern Red Cedar Trees is a Major Challenge The Nebraska Conservation Roundtable welcomed the Big Game Conservation Association last December. Since 2014, the Conservation Roundtable has strived to be a cohesive voice for conservation as well as create

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BGCA Turns Out Successful Lincoln Banquet

On January 17, 2015 the Big Game Conservation Association held their 1st Annual Sportsmen’s Night in Lincoln at the Pla Mor Ballroom. The evening was quite the success, with attendance around 175 patrons coming out to meet Special Guest Mark

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